HTS Ameritek - Heat Treating ServicesWelcome!  Being the best is the result of hard work. That’s the spirit that has made America the greatest nation in the world and it’s the same spirit that has made HTS AmeriTek, LLC a leader in safe, quality, on-site heat treating services since 1985. This means living up to our tradition of performance- being there when needed and meeting commitments dependably, safely, consistently and professionally.

htsa_2014___2_HTS AmeriTek’s performance has gained the respect of its customers, and as a result, has enjoyed a successful growth. We believe that our success is based on what we know and how we do it “We do it right & we do it right the first time”. This sets HTS AmeriTek apart from our competitors. We do the job well and safely, each and every time!

Vision Statement:  “We intend to provide our clients with the most efficient on-site heat treating experience from start to finish, with experienced professional technicians, at competitive rates, without incident.”

Performance also means you can depend on our strict adherence of applicable industry codes and client specifications. Our staff is available 24/7 365 days of the year, if you should require assistance with any particular heat treating problem or specification.

At HTS AmeriTek, we feel that a company providing service, unlike purchasing a commodity, is judged not only on actual performance, but of the professionalism of the personnel dispatched. We believe our highly trained technicians are our greatest asset, and being that they are directly involved with our customers in the field where it counts the most, we feel they are our most important salesman. We are very selective and look at the long term fit of our people with the overall quality- oriented culture of our company.

We place a high value on the maturity and communication skills in our technicians and supervisory personnel. We believe these are the traits accompany quality leadership. They collectively become your assurance that HTS AmeriTek will meet your critical turnaround, maintenance, or construction schedule on time. Our personnel know the value of teamwork. Each employee before hired in has to go under extensive back ground screening, hair follicle testing, random and annually drug testing, TWIC Card, and MVR screening. Once hired, each employee begins his/or hers training on Company Policies, Procedures, Field level testing (1-4) and their commitment to safety.